let's go! See how 3D GPR can automate airport runway detection
Release time: 2017-09-07

The importance of airport runways as areas where aircraft take off or land is a matter of safety.

In addition to the strict specifications of the airport runway during its construction, it must be regularly tested after it is put into use to grasp the health status of the airport pavement to ensure flight safety is of great significance.

被写进《中国民用航空行业标准-民用机场道面现场测试规程》 (MH/T5110-2015): The traditional two-dimensional ground penetrating radar has lower detection efficiency and longer time, and has gradually been replaced by the 3D ground penetrating radar. The American 3D-RADAR three-dimensional ground penetrating radar system, which is the sole agent of Europe and the United States, has been written into the "Chinese Civil Aviation Industry" Standards-Civil Airport Pavement Field Test Regulations (MH / T5110-2015):

等,本次检测试验配置地面耦合天线阵DXG1212,即1.2米宽12个通道。 The GeoScope 3D ground penetrating radar system of 3D-Radar Company in the United States is mainly composed of a host, an antenna and related software . The detection test is configured with a ground-coupled antenna array DXG1212, which is 12 meters wide and 12 channels.

The 3D radar has an ultra-wide frequency band of 200MHz-3000MHz. The resolution in shallow asphalt can reach 3cm. It can collect up to 12 lines of 3D ground penetrating radar data at a time. The line spacing is 7.5cm. Density data collection.

Can be written into the norms, of course, there is real effort. 3D-Radar探地雷达采用了创新的雷达和天线技术 , 是一套高分辨率的三维地下成像系统。 Compared with traditional pulse radar systems , 3D-Radar GPR uses innovative radar and antenna technology , and is a high-resolution three-dimensional underground imaging system. Compared with the traditional ground penetrating radar on the market, it has more advantages in detection performance.

,这种技术与传统的脉冲雷达相比,其优越性主要表现在: 3D-Radar ground penetrating radar adopts advanced frequency stepping technology . Compared with traditional pulse radar, its advantages are mainly reflected in:

(1) The frequency components output by the radar signal source can be accurately controlled, and the energy of each frequency component is equal;

(2) By controlling the bandwidth of the radar receiver, it can effectively suppress noise and improve sensitivity;

(3) The radar signal is a frequency domain signal, which can be easily processed and analyzed by using the frequency domain signal processing technology.

The frequency scanning range of 3D-Radar GPR is 100MHz-3GHz, which is completely set by the user according to different applications. It can meet the requirements of different depth measurements and high resolution.

3D-Radar ground penetrating radar uses a unique antenna array technology to achieve three-dimensional imaging . The advantages of 3D imaging in detecting underground features and structural defects are obvious. The 3D-Radar ground penetrating radar's antenna array contains multiple pairs of electronically scanned antenna elements, where each pair of antenna elements is scanned sequentially, and its coverage ranges from 200MHz to 3GHz. In actual work, users can collect data from 200MHz to 3GHz without changing the antenna. If a pulsed ground penetrating radar is used for the same detection, different antennas such as 200MHz, 400 MHz, 800 MHz, and 1600 MHz are required, and they are constantly replaced.

In order to verify the application effect of the GeoScope 3D ground penetrating radar system of the US 3D-Radar company on airport runway test, the European and American geotechnical team conducted a test test at a southwest airport in the early morning of July 23, 2017. 上海圭目机器人有限公司的 机器人平台,实现自动化数据采集 ,天线移动平稳,测线控制精确,采集速度可控。 The radar system tractor uses the robot platform of Shanghai Guime Robot Co., Ltd. to realize automatic data collection , the antenna moves smoothly, the survey line is controlled accurately, and the acquisition speed is controllable.

In order to allow the onlookers to feel the measurement site of the downwind more intuitively, we also have videos:

The test was conducted on the taxiway and runway of the airport.

Three views of radar data show clear interface between concrete and foundation

Horizontal reinforcement distribution inside the concrete plate.

to sum up

  • The three-dimensional ground penetrating radar can detect the structural conditions within one meter of the airport runway, meet the requirements of airport runway detection, and is an effective tool for airport runway detection and quality assessment;

  • Compared with the traditional two-dimensional radar, the three-dimensional ground penetrating radar is more intuitive to find and judge some anomalies and features due to the addition of horizontal slice maps;

  • The structure of the airport runway is more complicated. The radar detection data combined with the airport runway design and construction drawings will make the judgment more accurate;

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