Tunnel Monitoring Application Guide
Release time: 2012-07-24
The project manager, designer, contractor and operator all agreed that a detailed monitoring plan suitable for each tunnel was needed.
Monitoring plays an important role at every stage of tunnel construction.
在设计阶段要用到勘探洞,用于现场评估或既有隧道复线扩建。 Exploration tunnels are used during the design phase for on-site evaluation or expansion of existing tunnel double lines.
在施工阶段,通过监测能准确评估地质条件的影响,隧道对邻近结构的影响和采用的施工方法。 During the construction phase, the impact of the geological conditions, the impact of the tunnel on adjacent structures and the construction method adopted can be accurately assessed through monitoring. Verify the design parameters, determine the requirements of the supporting structure, and determine the best time to install the instrument according to the convergence-constraint method (New Austrian method).
一旦隧道投入营运,长期监测将是隧道营运期间的安全保障。 Once the tunnel is put into operation, long-term monitoring will be the safety guarantee during the operation of the tunnel.
The monitoring system is used to accurately measure the parameters of the working behavior of the structure and monitor the rate of change of these parameters. You can observe the stability of the change, or if the change accelerates, you can predict the possibility of an accident. Comparing the measured values with the design values can monitor the stability of the tunnel and determine the possibility of taking reinforcement measures at the right time.
Without monitoring instruments and automatic data acquisition systems, certain projects, such as soft foundation tunnels in cities, are almost impossible to complete.
Roctest Telemac's instruments have been used in key projects in more than 75 countries, and to date it continues to provide reliable data on key parameters such as pressure, deformation, displacement, inclination, and loads.
Guidelines for selecting instruments
There are three important criteria for choosing an instrument:
测量结果的可靠性(准确度,分辨率,精密度和漂移) Reliability of measurement results (accuracy, resolution, precision and drift)
仪器要有足够的耐久性,并有众多成功使用的用户; ■ The instrument must have sufficient durability and have many successful users;
易于自动化,对高效数据采集和解释来说,这是最重要的。 Easy to automate, this is the most important for efficient data collection and interpretation.
Roctest Telemac's tunnel monitoring instruments fully meet these three criteria.
Measurement parameters
Measurement parameters and instrument locations must be suitable for existing geological and environmental conditions and construction methods.
Nevertheless, depending on the tunnel construction method, some general guidelines should be followed when selecting instruments.
Excavation and backfilling of tunnels

Purpose of monitoring
确保挡土墙的稳定性 Ensure the stability of the retaining wall
监测邻近结构的完整性 Monitor the integrity of adjacent structures
Monitoring parameters
支护结构的应力 Stress of supporting structure
锚杆的轴力 Axial force of anchor rod
邻近地面和建筑物的变形 Deformation of adjacent ground and buildings
Shallow buried tunnel on soft ground
Purpose of monitoring
监测邻近结构的完整性 Monitor the integrity of adjacent structures
确保衬砌的稳定性 Ensure the stability of the lining
Monitoring parameters
衬砌的内应力 Internal stress of lining
隧道衬砌的接触压力 Contact pressure of tunnel lining
收敛 Convergence
地表下沉 Sinking
邻近建筑物的变形 Deformation of adjacent buildings
Deep buried hard rock tunnel
Purpose of monitoring
确保开挖的稳定性 Ensure excavation stability
监测隧道衬砌的完整性 Monitoring the integrity of the tunnel lining
Monitoring parameters
收敛 Convergence
洞室围岩的变形 Deformation of cave surrounding rock
衬砌的内应力 Internal stress of lining
Automatic data acquisition and processing
The collection and analysis of large amounts of data, especially long-distance data, require the use of centralized and automatic measurement techniques. More accurate measurement results, faster data processing, and more efficient early warning when preset thresholds are exceeded. With instruments and no automatic data acquisition system, it is almost impossible to monitor important tunnels.
Roctest Telemac has provided and installed more than 500 automatic data acquisition systems. These remote monitoring systems can efficiently manage data from hundreds of instruments. The monitoring system is connected to a telephone line, MODEM, Yuan line electric device or satellite broadcasting equipment, so that cables can be minimized.
Roctest Telemac Instrument
The design of the product line is based on the following measurement techniques:
1. Vibrating wire sensor with intermittent and continuous excitation modes;
2. Electrical sensors include resistive, inductive, potential, magnetoresistive and linear variable differential transformers (LVDT);
3. Optical fiber sensor;
4. Pneumatic and hydraulic sensors;
5. Electrolyte type inclinometer.
Tunnel monitoring project performance
■ Grondines-Canada
■ Montreal Metro System-Canada (Figure 5)
■ Toronto Metro System-Canada
■ Eole-RER (Paris Rapid Rail)-France
■ La Chamoise-France
■ La Galaure-France (Figure 6)
■ Meyssiez-France
■ Pech Brunet-France
■ Puymorens-France
■ Riqueval-France
■ Saint Marcel-France
■ Ten-France
■ Villejust-France (Figure 3)
■ Monaco-France-Monaco (Figure 2)
■ Hong Kong MTR Central Station
■ Evergreen-Hong Kong (Figure 4)
■ European Tunnel-UK-France
■ Beacon Mountain-USA
■ Boston Central Avenue Tunnel-USA
■ Dallas Rapid Transit System-USA
■ Los Angeles Metro-USA
■ Super Collider Project-US
■ Waste Isolation Proving Ground (WIPP)-United States
■ Washington Metro Green Belt Station-USA
■ Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Disposal Site-USA
■ Yacambu Tunnel-Venezuela
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